General terms and conditions and cancellation policy
The following general terms and conditions apply to all service and repair orders accepted by CompuRed Technologies SLU (hereinafter "we" or "us"). These general terms and conditions may only be modified or amended upon mutual written consent.
§1 Contract partner
The contract is concluded with:
Compured Technologies SLU
Ctra N-332 Km 49, Local 9
03189 Orihuela Costa, Alicante
§2 Conclusion of contract
• The presentation of the products in the online shop does not represent a legally binding offer, but only an invitation to order.
• By clicking on the [Buy/Order] button, you place a binding order for the goods listed.
• The repair order is considered legally effective when we accept your order with an order confirmation by e-mail immediately after receipt of your order.
§3 Conditions of sale and delivery for service and repair work
  1.  Delivery
    a. The customer must pack the goods appropriately for the transport to our premises. This includes appropriate and sufficient packaging material. The customer is liable for loss/damage of the device during transport due to insufficient packaging.
    b. In case of obvious damage in transit, we will inform the customer in writing.
    c. In case of damage that cannot be distinguished from damage that could have occurred before transport, we are not responsible for repairing it under warranty or complaint.
  2. Repair Orders
    a. The error descriptions given when the order was placed are only intended as a guide for troubleshooting.
    b. We can use new or refurbished spare parts for the repair, unless otherwise agreed upon when the order was placed.
    c. If, during troubleshooting, we discover further defects in the device that require repair, we must obtain the customer's written consent before carrying out this additional repair.
    d. If, despite proper and professional troubleshooting, the cause of the problem cannot be found, or the repair cannot be completed because the required spare parts are not available, or the customer rejects the necessary exent of the repair and these circumstances were not recognizable when the repair order was placed, we may end the repair order and the customer is obliged to pay the costs incurred up to that point.
    e. In the event of damage caused by liquids, the entire costs must be paid, even if after cleaning it is apparent that the device has been damaged beyond repair or is no longer fully functional. The customer bears the risk that the liquid has already caused irreparable damage, which only becomes apparent after cleaning and when the device can be safely switched on again.

  3.  Additional Repair Conditions
    a. The customer is responsible for the precautionary data backup. We are not responsible for the loss and/or alteration of data even if our repair service is the cause.
    b. If we have been given an order to back up data, it cannot be guaranteed that this can be carried out with a technically justifiable effort.
    c. We take no liability for delays due to problems in obtaining spare parts.
    d. The repair is assumed to have been properly carried out if no significant defects in the repair are reported in writing within 7 days of the device being returned to the customer.
    e. If the repair is defective, we are entitled to rectify it.

  4.  Estimates
    a. Estimates are binding up to 2 weeks after submission, but may be exceeded by up to 10% of the estimated amount if special reasons justify this.
    b. If the customer does not want to proceed with the repair process after an estimate has been submitted, the device inspected does not have to be restored to its original condition if this is technically and/or economically not justifiable.

  5.  Warranty
    a. The warranty period for repairs is 3 months from delivery of the device to the customer. Spare parts are guaranteed for 6 months for refurbished parts and 12 months for new parts. The guarantee period for batteries is 6 months.
    b. The guarantee only applies to the repairs actually carried out and the spare parts used.
    c. Our guarantee does not apply to defects caused by liquids, overvoltage, impact, misuse or general poor treatment of the device.
    d. Re-infection with virus/malware of the device at the customer's place after we have performed a cleanup is not covered by warranty.
    e. The warranty is also void in the case of defects caused by the installation of software and/or updates on the device.
    f. If a defect occurs within the warranty period, this must be reported to us immediately and the device may no longer be used in order to avoid consequential damage.
    g. The device must be delivered to us immediately. The customer bears the costs for this.
    h. The guarantee is void if the customer himself or another person has carried out repairs on the device.
§4 Withdrawal policy
  1. Withdrawel
    a. You have the right to withdraw your order within 14 days of placing it without giving a reason. 
    b. This withdrawel must be made in writing either by post to: Compured Technologies SLU, Ctra N332, Km 49, Local 9, 03189 Orihuela Costa or by email to servicio @compured.net.

  2. Consequences of withdrawel
    a. If you withdraw this order, we will reimburse you for all payments made, within 30 days at the latest.
    b. If you have requested that the repair of your device should begin during this 14-day withdrawel period, you must pay us the part of the costs incurred up to the point of cancellation. 

  3. Expiration of the right of withdrawal
    a. Your right of withrawal expires if we have completed the repair and did not start to perform the repair before you have requested the same, and at the same time confirmed that you understood that you loose your right of withdrawal when the repair is completed.


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